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It is not enough to have knowledge, one must also apply it.
It is not enough to have wishes, one must also accomplish
Johann von Goethe

Sorriso..., inquietude, persistência, energia, conhecimento, acção, querer, determinação, resiliência... sempre!

domingo, agosto 28, 2011

Nobody can...

What's so funny is nobody's laughing
At this change of heart your having.
What's so funny is i'm filled up with thunder.
I can't seem to get out from under all these stones
You tied to my chest.

I can't change your mind.
I can't change your mind.

What's so funny is i'm scared and lonely.
And i don't think i'm the only one
As i watch you drive away.
And what's so funny is the birds are singing.
The sun is shining and the bells are ringing.
And i'm thinking "what happened here?"

And i can't change your mind.
And i can't change your mind.
I can't change your mind.
I can't change your mind.

There's a travel in minneapolis holds the bones of a dead saint in it. and the stained glass glows from the ceiling there. it reminds me of the feeling when i first looked into your eyes saw the most beautiful birds fly straight into the sun with their wings on fire. the deed was done.

Oh and i can't change your mind.
I can't change your mind.

What's so funny is this piece of skin.
The one on my arm with your name inked in.
What was i thinking?
What's so funny is the way things go down.
Like when a star dies it doesn't make a sound
It's just gone.
And you can't find it when you look into the sky.

I can't change your mind.
I can't do it.

There's a werewolf out on my front lawn
And he's lookin' pissed off.
And he's wet from all the rain.
I think i'll go say hi.
And offer him a beer.

Distraction... I know it won´t be easy...

Ontem numa esplanada, durante o gozo de uns curtíssimos dias de descanso, à espera de almoço
Música de fundo: Adele.
Muita. Toda seguida.
Como havia wifi, ia procurando as músicas no YouTube
Havia uma que não fazia ideia de como se podia chamar
Lembrei-me da minha app no smartphone que detecta os cantores e nomes das músicas
Mas não captava o som ambiente
Procurei uma coluna
Levantei-me, dirigi-me à coluna e apontei o smartphone
Descobri/u a música
Um vizinho de uma outra mesa - e também vizinho de casa - veio ter comigo e disse que tinha o CD e que mo emprestava...
Admirável "nova" tecnologia... e a simpatia do nosso vizinho também...
Fica aqui com lyrics e tudo...
E descanso - do outro - finito...
Agora só distractions... destas

sábado, agosto 13, 2011


quinta-feira, agosto 11, 2011

Aulas de substituição...

MA:Ola, a prof. nao vai mais dar aulas para a escola secundaria de sao pedro?
Profcornelia Fq:
porque perguntas?
MA:porque a prof. ja foi la prof de fq do sec. e ja deu varias vezes substituiçao a minha turma.. e como ja vamos para o 10º nao era so para saber 
:)Profcornelia Fq:
ah! não estava a perceber
este ano também não vou lá estar
estou com bolsa dada pelo ministério da educação para trabalhar no meu doutoramento
por isso não estou também este ano na escola
Vais para Ciências e tecnologias?
há lá mais profs de FQ A
MA: Sim vou
Profcornelia Fq: Fazes bem!
vais gostar
podes descansar os colegas de que eu não vou ser vossa prof
Desejo as maiores felicidades!
(e vocês cresceram num instantinho...)
MA: mas disseram-me que a prof era uma optima prof. dai eu a perguntar
Profcornelia Fq: pois...
quem foi que disse?
:)bem, vou-te contar um segredo: também acho que sou boa professora eheheh
mas há quem não goste também
cont de boas férias
para os outros colegas tb
tudo de bom em FQ
MA: :)
11 de Agosto de 2011

quarta-feira, agosto 10, 2011

segunda-feira, agosto 01, 2011

Revisão da literatura

"Three things all teachers need", according to Steve Wheeler

(...) The first thing parents should expect from teachers is their ability to inspire children to learn. This is vitally important. Yes, it helps that teachers are experts in their own subject areas, and yes, it is important that teachers are organised and can maintain some kind of discipline in the classroom, but I would like to argue that the ability to inspire is more important that all of these. All teachers should aspire to be an inspirational catalyst for learning. Enthusiasm for learning, a passion for their subject and the ability to get kids excited about something new is vitally important in the shaping of young minds. You can't teach enthusiasm or passion, but it can certainly be infectious.
Another allied skill we should expect from teachers is an ability to understand the child's perspective. Good teachers have the ability to place themselves in the position of the child, and ask themselves, how would I have felt in that situation? This is the basis of good pedagogy, and was referred to by Jean Piaget as 'decentering'. Many of us, as we grow older, tend to forget the experiences we had when we were in school. Intuitive teachers understand what kids experience and know how to maximise those experiences. They know how to tap into the sense of wonder a child has when she sees something new for the first time. They recignise the importance of the need to touch or taste, to directly feel and relish a new experience and the desire to question, to experiment and to ask 'what if...?' These are manifestations of childhood all teachers should remember. Good teachers recognise that children need this kind of experimental space to learn.
Parents should also expect teachers to give creative freedom to children. Although teachers are hard pressed for time, the very best know the importance of play and can create playful learning spaces. Children have great imagination, but until it is given the opportunity to be expressed outwardly, it is difficult to share or celebrate. The best teachers do not always insist on the 'right answer' or the correct way to do something. They don't dismiss children who offer outlandish ideas or alternative suggestions. Sure, children needs some facts and rules, but they also need to be able to question those facts and find out what happens if someone does break those rules. Children should be free to make mistakes without fear of punishment, and should be able to express themselves creatively and explore their world in safety. (...)